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Pilot Scale Technology for Monterey-Type Cheese
In this pilot-scale technology, milk is pasteurized to 63 °C for 30 minutes and cooled to 32 °C. One percent active starter is added and ripening is made for 30 minutes. Renneting and cutting of coagulum follow and acidity of whey is tested during cutting. The curd is cooked and the acidity is adjusted to about 0.02% over that cutting. When the curd cubes are already firm, partial draining of whey is performed. The solution is stirred thoroughly until 0.16–0.18% acidity is attained. Washing of curd and complete whey removal are made. Salt is added on the curd and salted curd is placed in a cylindrical molds lined with cheesecloth. The curd is pressed with 100 kg pressure for 30 minutes. Another pressing is performed for about one hour at 180 kg weight. The cheese is then taken off the press, removed from the mold and cheesecloth, and divided into halves. The cheese is ripened at 15 °C and 70-80% relative humidity for 2-3 months.
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