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Purple Yam (Ubi) Powder
The process for purple yam powder starts with the proper selection of deep purple color ubi tuber. The tuber is then washed, steamed, peeled, grated, dried, pulverized and packaged. The ubi powder produced in this process is 100% pure or all-natural. The ubi tuber and its processed powdered product contain high level of starch, making it a rich source of calories in the diet. It also contains substantial amount of protein and minerals. The winning case for ubi can be attributed to its highly appealing color due to anthocyanin pigment and its high antioxidant activity. The powder when made into Halaya, a popular Filipino dessert served during special occasions, cooks up to seven times faster and lasts up to four times longer when kept in the refrigerator, than that made from the fresh tuber. It is quick and easy to use as flavoring and coloring for ice cream, sherbet, cake, pastry, and confectionery and in cooking Filipino delicacies like ginataan, puto, and palitaw.
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