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Integrated Processing of Buko Food Products
The commercial processinf of various young coconut products (dehydrated buko chips, buko in syrup, buko roll and buko juice) has to be integrated in order to optimize the utilization of raw materials as well as by-products. The process for the different product lines starts in splitting the nut, scooping the kernel and dipping in 1% sodium metabisulfite solution. The more mature portion of the kernel are cut into strips and the thinner ones are cut into various shapes, and dipped in syrup and then dehydrated to a moisture of 5-10%. Kernels that are unsuitable for dehydrated buko production are used in the processing of canned buko. The kernels are packed in bottle, added with with syrup and processed. Immature and very soft kernels are mixed with the buko water and sugar and homogenized to prepare buko roll. The buko roll is layered in trays and dried to a moisture content of 8-12%. The buko water is pasteurized and packed in plastic cups and sold as fresh buko juice.
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