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Rice Drum Seeder
The rice drum seeder is a manually-operated, all metal seeder made of light gauge metal tubing. Its simple design makes its fabrication low-cost and with low power requirements. A single person can operate the seeder to enable seeding of pre-germinated rice seeds in straight rows in the field, making it easier to apply fertilizer and use a weeder later. Its seeding capacity is 1 ha/day with a loading capacity of 8 kg. It can be conveniently adjusted to modify seeding rates. It measures 193 x 76 x 86 cm (LWH) and weighs 11 kg. For its power transmission, it uses a belt, pulley, chain, and sprocket and utilizes a 7.46 kW (10 hp) engine. A single-bottom moldboard plow can be attached to the machine.
Patent Type:
Utility model
Patent Status:
Public Domain


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