UPLB Single-Row Organic Fertilizer Applicator
The UPLB single-row organic fertilizer applicator is an auger-type, power tiller machine that has a two-wheel, tractor-drawn, single-row fertilizer distributor. This locally-made machine is composed of a hopper, positive displacement metering device, power transmission and ground wheel with adjustable metering rate. It also has a furrow opener. It has a field capacity of 1 ha/day with a hopper capacity of 2 bags. It measures 340 x 79 x 119 cm (LWH) and weighs 88 kg without the tractor. For its power transmission, it has an actuated ground wheel consisting of chain and sprockets, intermediate shaft, and a three-ring joint connector. The fertilizer can be operated by one person only.
Patent Type:
Utility model
Patent Status:
Public Domain
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