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UPLB Two-Drum Corn Sheller
The UPLB two-drum sheller is a versatile sheller which can shell corn for seed purposes while keeping whole the shelled corn cobs. The sheller has a helical two-drum with a cylindrical presser, an oscillating sieve for its separator, and an aspirating blower for the cleaner. It is suitable for all sizes of corn ears and has a shelling capacity of 0.8-1 ton/hr (at 18-24% kernel moisture content wet basis) with a shelling efficiency of 99% or higher. It measures 120 x 115 x 125.5 cm (LWH) and weighs 152 kg without an engine (a 6-7 hp gasoline or diesel engine). Two to four persons are required to operate the corn sheller.
Patent Type:
Utility model
Patent Status:
Public Domain


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