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UPLB Flatbed Dryer
The UPLB flatbed dryer is a low cost, compact, and portable dryer made from locally available material. It is easy to operate with little need for maintenance. It is made of three components: the bin to hold the grain on a perforated or lanced sheet metal, the burner or rice hull furnace to heat the air, and a fan to force the drying air. It can dry 40 cavans of paddy per batch in eight hours with uniform final moisture content. An automatic safety feature shuts off the burner. Kerosene or rice hull furnace can both be a heat source for the burner. The dryer is powered by either a 3 hp electric motor or 5 hp gasoline engine. Its grain floor is of 2.38 mm diameter perforated steel sheet with 0.76 mm thickness. A 58 cm diameter vane axial-type fan provides an airflow of 3,000 cfm. It can dry wet palay from 26-14% moisture content in eight hours. It can either use kerosene at a rate of 1.5-2 L/hr or rice hull at 14 kg/hr. The fan and burner measures 61x 69 x 69 (LWH) while the drying bin measures 380 x 197 x 122 cm (LWH) with 45 cm grain depth.
Patent Type:
Utility model
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Public Domain


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