AMDP-ABPROD Rice Hull Furnace
The AMDP-ABPROD rice hull gurnace is adjunct and applicable for small grains, fruits, and vegetable dryers. The furnace uses rice hull as fuel with heat exchanger for transferring the heated drying air. Its optimal operating conditions are: fuel feed rate of 8 kg/hr, airflow rate of 0.09 m3/s, and ash discharge time of 60 minutes with predicted values for the heat exchanger capacity, heat exchanger efficiency, furnace efficiency, and overall thermal efficiency of 13kW, 18.0%, 77.0%, and 13.0%, respectively. Heat capacities can easily be increased by increasing the fuel feed rates and decreasing airflow rates, depending on the requirements of the products for drying.
Patent Type:
Utility model
Patent Status:
Public Domain
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