AMDP Multi-Crop Washer
The multi-crop washer is composed of a washing cylinder made of perforated sheet and a water holding tank. It can be operated manually or by using an electric motor or a single cylinder engine. In manual operation, it can be used to wash cassava at a capacity of 100 kg/hr. Using an electric motor, it can have the following outputs in washing cassava: a cleaning efficiency of as high as 94.42%, a peeling efficiency of 95.43% and a washing-peeling capacity of as high as 792 kg/hr. Its optimal operating conditions are the following: efficiency of 89.7 %, peeling efficiency of 77.4 %, washing-peeling capacity of 762.1 kg/h, parenchyma recovery of 81.1%, cortex recovery of 84.4%, mechanical damage of 18.2%, noise level of 91.3 db, and power consumption of 833.7 W. These optimum conditions are achieved when the machine is operated at a cylinder or drum speed of 50 rpm for 5 minutes with a load of 75 kg.
Patent Type:
Utility model
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Public Domain
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