AMDP Jatropha Fruit Dehusker
The AMDP Jatropha fruit dehusker is a machine for separating jatropha seeds from the fruit pods. The dehusker uses the drum and concave principle to open the fruit and remove the seeds from the pods. The drum has round bars wound around it in a helical shape. The helix propels the pods and seeds axially while a combined compressive and shearing force acts upon the fruit, thereby breaking the fruit and separating the seeds. Both the pods and the seeds drop into a vibrating sieve which then further separates the seeds from the pods. The dehusker has a capacity of 1-2 tons per hour, depending on the condition of the fruits, and can be used for dehusking mature yellow and black fruits. Dehusking efficiency ranges from 70-98% depending on the type of fruit (green, yellow, dry or wet). The machine requires a 2- to 3-hp electric motor and 2 persons to operate.
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Utility model
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