AMDP-IAE Windmill for Farm Power Generation and Irrigation
The AMDP-IAE multi-bladed windmill is used to generate power from the wind to pump water for irrigation of vegetable crops. Its generation capacity depends on various factors such as wind gustiness and the stroke length of the pump. For example, a windmill installed in an existing tubewell in Silang, Cavite was able to pump 135 liters per hour with wind gustiness of 2,700fpm, and 6 inches stroke length of the pump. To improve the windmill operation, the length of stroke of the pump was increased by 2 inches. Also, for better pumping operation, the tail end that control the direction of the windmill was also added with 2 x 2 feet gauge 14 galvanized iron sheet to improve windmill control to go against the direction of the wind.
Alternative energy
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