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Controlled Atmosphere Storage Protocol for ‘Carabao’ Mango
Shelf life of mangoes stored at 12.5 °C fruit is limited to about two weeks. Using controlled atmosphere (CA) storage, laboratory trials showed that yellowing and softening of the fruit can be delayed for four weeks. The CA system uses 12.5 °C air temperature and oxygen level is maintained at 5% (atmospheric level is normally 21%). Ethylene gas, which accelerates fruit ripening under CA conditions, is removed during storage using adsorbent sachets (see Ethylene Adsorbent from Indigenous Waste Material). Using the conditions established in the laboratory and employing integrated pre- and post-harvest disease management strategies, stationary commercial trials using 5.8 tons of fruits, successfully showed the potential of CA technology as a means to expand the market of the ‘Carabao’ mango to countries beyond Asia (e.g, United States, European Union and the Middle East) via sea shipment.
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