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Hot Water Dipping Drum and Tank Designs for Hot Water Treatment of Fruits
A simple dipping in hot water was found effective in controlling postharvest diseases primarily of mangoes, then papaya and bananas. Several hot water dipping drums and tanks have been designed for use during the development of hot water treatment protocols for each commodity. Initial designs made use of wood and charcoal, kerosene stove, electricity then LPG gas as source of power. Capacity of the tanks also differ depending on the volume handled by the trader. Semi-mechanized operations have also been designed to make the treatment procedure more efficient. Several mango exporters have adopted the HWT designs, or asked PHTRC for technical assistance in the design. The Department of Agriculure through Bureau of Postharvest Research and Extension (BPRE, now PhilMech) fabricated and distributed several HWT tank units to major mango growing areas in the country.
Postharvest technology
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