Coconut Coir Dust as Bulk Storage Medium for Extending Shelf Life and Enhancing Quality of Tomato
The use of coconut coir dust moistened with chlorinated water was developed to provide tomato farmers with a means of storing their produce during periods of low market prices. The storage media is prepared by mixing coconut coir dust and hypochlorite solution (commercial laundry bleach). Green-mature fruits free of disease, pest damage, and mechanical injury should be stored. Plastic or wooden crates (20 kg capacity) lined with newsprint can be used as storage containers. Bury the tomatoes in a moist coir dust, in a layer by layer arrangement, the bottom and topmost layer consisting of moist coir dust. The containers are kept in a cool shaded area and the top layer is moistened daily by sprinkling with water. Tomato stored in moist coir dust can reach a shelf life of three weeks, develop a full red peel, and stay firm and free of shriveling due to minimal moisture loss.
Postharvest technology
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