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Modified Vapor Heat Treatment (VHT) Protocol as Quarantine Treatment of Mangoes for Export
To comply with quarantine requirements of importing countries such as Japan, the ‘Carabao’ mango fruits must undergo vapor heat treatment (VHT) to eliminate fruit fly eggs and larva. VHT involves heating the fruit with saturated air until the temperature of the inner pulp reaches 46 °C which is maintained for 10 minutes. However, VHT induced internal breakdown, a physiological disorder characterized by the presence of spongy tissues in the inner portion of the fruit pulp which resulted in millions of pesos in losses due to rejected shipments to Japan in 1987. With PHTRC taking the lead, collaborative experiments with an exporter using a commercial (12 tons per load) VHT facility were conducted to identify the causal factors. These trials resulted in recommended changes to the VHT protocol that are now followed by mango exporters, which include reduced run-up time to reach 46 °C; cooling the fruits after VHT; and culling of immature fruits.
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