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Diagnostic Immunoassay Kits
The diagnostic immunoassay kits provide quality control laboratories, research and teaching institutions with an effective tool for detecting plant, food and feed pathogens and mycotoxins. The kits adapted enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) technique for positive identification of pathogens and toxins. Quantitative determination of the toxin concentration can be detected to as low as nanogram level. The plant diagnostic kits are more sensitive, accurate and provide a faster method of detection. They are pathogen specific and highly sensitive even in the presence of contaminants. Relatively cheaper, the kit is also easy to use and environment-friendly. Diagnostic kits are available for pathogens causing diseases in papaya, citrus, corn, peanut, tobacco, anthurium, banana, abaca, mango, and potato.
Biotech-based detection system
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