Mannanase-Treatment of Copra Meal for Broiler Diets
Copra meal contains approximately 20% protein, 60% carbohydrate (mainly polysaccharide mannan) and others in smaller quantities. Mannan, which contributes to the fibrous nature of copra meal causes poor digestibility of this feed ingredient. Copra meal can be hydrolyzed by a bacterial mannanase enzyme to reduce the fiber content of the meal and to release partly the bound protein. The use of mannanase-treated copra meal in poultry feeds offers the following advantages: reduction in fiber content, thus improving the digestibility of the meal; increased energy value by making simpler sugar molecules more available to the animal, and improvement in the nutritional quality by making proteins that are bound by polysaccharide molecules more available. The technology (hydrolysis of copra) increases the utilization of coconut as well as improves animal production by improving the nutritional quality of copra meal.
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