Vision & Mission

RDE Vision & Mission

As the first autonomous campus and constituent university of the UP System, UPLB has been drawing historical strength from agriculture, and now, with biotechnology and the environment. Building on this strength, UPLB evolves into a university with an institutional identity from its distinctive origin -- to develop opportunities, and to address the constraints in realizing these goals.

UPLB is considered as the Philippines premier learning institution in agriculture, biotechnology and the environment. UPLB has also become an emerging center of excellence in engineering, information and communication technology, and in the natural and social sciences, and is expected to play a vital and active role in charting a path towards overall national transformation. This transformation should provide Filipinos adequate access to food and social amenities, minimize absolute poverty, and empower communities to shape their future.

The university’s vision and mission is to aim for “distinctive excellence” - a term coined during UPLB’s strategic planning workshop in 2007. “Distinctive excellence” refers to UPLB’s niche that sets its apart from other academic institutions in the country; the collective expression of a culture of instruction, research and community service on the principles of science and social responsibility. It is the standard of greatness that UPLB establishes in the academic and research arena that others look up to for guidance and inspiration.

Now, towards the 20th century, UPLB is pursuing a vision that will nurture itself as a national center of excellence in the environment, biotechnology, and agricultural sciences; and a center for language and culture in the Southern Tagalog Region. UPLB’s current activities are now linked to the country’s vision to achieve a just, equitable and prosperous society through strengthened agricultural base and to grow confidently into industry and services.