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CAFS-IWEP Pest Clinic and Diagnostic Services

The IWEP Pest Clinic and Diagnostic Services is an extension program of the Institute of Weed Science, Entomology and Plant Pathology that is concerned with increasing productivity of its stakeholders by providing efficient crop protection and management services.

The farmers are the ultimate client of the program. Other clients who are served by the Clinic are the staff of the Department of Agriculture, State Colleges and Universities, private companies involved in crop protection/pest management, and plant hobbyists.

Specifically, the Pest Clinic aims to help the stakeholders identify their pest problems and to provide pest management related services to the community. It provides the accurate diagnostic and control recommendation services to farmers and other clienteles, and crop protection services to private/corporate farms and the academic community through pest identification and recommendation, consultation, nematode analysis, field visits to pest problem areas, and sale of biological specimens like mosquitoes (A. aegypti ) for academic research purposes.

For the identification of insects and plant pathogens, DNA barcoding is now available.

The program is headed by an In-charge or Section Head. Three technical staff - an entomologist, plant pathologist and a weed specialist - perform the initial diagnostic and recommendation services depending on the type of pest problem received. The IWEP academic and research personnel serve as the support staff of the program, and the analysis are done in their respective laboratories.


Room 224, Biological Science Building,
UPLB, College, Laguna

Contact Person

Dr. Filomena C. Sta Cruz, Associate Professor 3, Section Head
Dr. Joselito E. Villa, University Researcher III, Staff
Ms. Annabelle B. Albaytar, University Researcher I, Staff
Ms. Clare Hazel R. Tabernilla, Assistant Professor, Staff
Ms. Priscilla M. Barcial, University Researcher II, Staff

Contact Details

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone Nos.: (049) 536-2617 | (049) 536-1315


Preferably, clients must send their inquiries by email.

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