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Statistical Methods

Data Management and Statistical Analyses Using SAS

The advent of big data opened various opportunities for various fields to grow business, enhance government, and develop one’s personal lifestyle. Along with these opportunities, new statistical methods and technology require the ability to interpret behaviours of data which is useful for decision-making. Hence, the increasing demand for professionals with knowledge on data management and analysis is evident through the years. As a tool to handle big data, statistical packages or softwares are powerful instruments to bridge professionals to these wide opportunities.

SAS, a software which offers both simple and sophisticated data management and analysis, enables individuals to make new discoveries. This package can mine, alter, manage, and retrieve data from a variety of sources and then perform various statistical analyses. This training course is for those who need to learn data manipulation and simple analysis techniques using SAS through creating, accessing, transforming, describing, analyzing, and summarizing data sets. It is designed for a five-day lecture of concepts with hands-on laboratory sessions.

Benefits to Participants:
Learn the basic and advanced SAS procedures for doing data management and be able to use SAS for data analysis

At the end of the course, the participants are expected to:

  1. be familiar with SAS software;
  2. create data sets using different input styles;
  3. manage data sets using different SAS statements;
  4. produce summary reports and graphs using SAS; and
  5. utilize different statistical analyses using SAS procedures.

Course Coverage

  • Introduction to SAS
  • Creating SAS Data Sets and Input Styles
  • Data Management: Reading External Data File; Data Set Options; Conditional Statements and Recoding Variables; Looping Statements; Merging and Updating Data Sets
  • Review on Basic Concepts in Statistics
  • Summary Reports and Graphs
  • Statistical Analysis with SAS

  • Training Output: Data Management and Statistical Output using SAS
  • Training Date and Duration: Five working days in June to July 2017
  • Venue: PS C-312, Physical Science Building, UP Los Banos
  • Coordinator: Consorcia E. Reaño, Ph.D. (Director, Institute of Statistics)
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Tel. No.: (049) 536-2381
  • Minimum of participants required: 30