Available Research Grants

UP System Sabbatical Research Grant

1. Purpose

The grant is intended for faculty members on sabbatical who will undertake research or creative work during their period of leave from teaching and other duties.

2. Eligibility

2.1. Faculty members applying for sabbatical for the purpose of research or creative work (including the writing of textbooks/chapters of textbooks) in their discipline may apply for the grant.

2.2. Applicants applying for sabbatical for the first time whose projects are not funded from other sources shall be given priority.

3. Scope of Grant and Contract Rate

3.1. The grant shall be in the form of a research/creative work contract in the amount of P30,000 net of tax (equivalent in monetary value to a Professorial Chair award). The grant shall be released upon signing of contract, provided the application for sabbatical has been approved.

3.2. A total of three awards shall be available annually.

4. Requirements and Procedure

4.1. Applicants shall submit through channels a description of the proposed work and intended output. The scope of the project is expected to be commensurate to the grant amount.

4.2. The CUs shall prioritize all applications.

4.3. The System Committee on Research Grants and Creative Work shall evaluate the recommendations of the CUs and rank the best three based on merit. The President shall have final approval.

4.4. The OVPAA deadline for all endorsed applications shall be April 30 of the sabbatical year (regardless of the period of sabbatical).

5. Obligations of Grantees

5.1. A grantee shall submit the final output to the OVPAA upon report to duty after the sabbatical.

5.2. Grantees who fail to comply with the terms of the grant shall return the full amount received. Furthermore, they shall be disqualified from all University grants.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

6.1. The UP Press shall have first option on the manuscript should the author wish to publish it.

6.2. Should the result of the project be published or publicly presented or exhibited, the University shall be acknowledged as the source of the grant. University provisions on intellectual property rights shall likewise be implemented.