Available Research Grants

UP System Textbook Writing Grant


  1. Regular, full-time faculty with the rank of Assistant Professor and higher, REPS with the rank of University Researcher I and higher who engaged or assist in teaching, may apply for the grant, provided they meet the qualifications of the Creative Work and Research Grant.
  2. The track record of applications in completing creative/research projects (whether UP-funded or not) shall examined by the screening committees of the CU and the System.
  3. In highly meritorious cases, instructors and REPS faculty below the rank of University Researcher I may be considered for the grant.
  4. Current recipients of a textbook writing gran (including grants to translate textbooks) from any center, institute, or unit of UP may not apply for this grant.
  5. Applicants may apply individually or as a group. In the case of a group, the total amount of the grant shall be prorated according to the rank of the applicants and the proportion of work to be done by each.


  1. The grant shall support the writing of textbooks including reference books, workbooks, and laboratory manuals, in print or other media, in whatever language the course in taught.
  2. The grant shall not cover proposals for non-degree informal programs).
  3. Neither shall the grant provide for publication costs.
  4. Priority shall be given to textbooks for core courses of undergraduate programs, difficult courses of undergraduate programs, difficult courses and/or courses with high student enrolment, and courses for which no good (foreign and local) textbooks are available.
  5. The grant shall be for one year and, in exceptional cases, may be extended up to six months at most, which extension must be justified and proof of work thus far completed, presented. No additional funds shall be provided for the extension.

Benefits/ Contract Rate

  1. The contract rate, obtained by multiplying the total hours by the hourly rate, shall amount to 1,080 hours x (annual salary/ 1,848 hours), or approximately 58 percent of the annual salary.

For applications and more information

For more information, contact the UP Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs at this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.