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Tissue Culture or Mini-Clump Division for the Propagation of Bamboo
Micropropagation and nursery technologies were developed for Bambusa bambos, Dendrocalamus strictus, and Gigantochloa levis to isolate embryos from seeds and then multiplying the seedlings through multiple shoot formation from node cuttings. Growth regulators and repeated microcuttings are important for multiple shoot formation to get one or two-node cuttings for subculture. Plantlets propagated from the multiple shoot formation are induced to root in vitro and are potted out when roots have developed. Three to 4-month-old plantlets are further propagated by separating them into individual stems or into small clumps of 2 to 3 stems. This technology requires little space and can be done all year. The planting material is small, compact and light and since survival is high, this technology may make bamboo a more acceptable planting material for reforestation programs.
Mass propagation technique
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