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Red Princess Cashew
‘Red Princess’ cashew is recommended for apple and nut production. Tree has an erect to semi-spreading habit, vigorous, prolific and bears 400-500 fruits per tree per season. Fruits have large apple weighing 145.65 g per fruit, bright red skin, conical, very juicy, have moderate fiber with strong aroma and subacidic flavor with total soluble solids of 12.45°Brix. Fruits can be harvested from April to June. The nuts are big, weigh about 11 g and kidney-shaped. Kernels weigh 3.46 g and are loosely attached to testa but tightly attached to shell, have nutty-flavor with edible portion and shelling recovery of 31.4%. The planting materials are reproduced by cleft grafting.
Fruit crop variety
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Plant variety protection
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