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Oas Pili
‘Oas’ pili came from a seedling from Oas, Albay planted in Pili Drive, Los Baños. The mother tree is vigorous with spreading growth habit. It is prolific and bears fruit yearly, that can be harvested from June to August. The fruit is oblong and weighs 33.6 g and measures 6.4 cm long and 3.2 cm in diameter. The skin of ripe fruit is dark purple to black, smooth and shiny, medium thick (0.4 cm) and fibrous. The dry nut weighs 13.7 g. The shell is thick and the kernel is white weighing 3 g. The kernel, which is 21.5% of dry nut weight, has 72.1% fats, 14.5% protein, and 4.3% starch.
Fruit crop variety
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Plant variety protection
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