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Pag-asa 19 Mungbean
‘Pag-asa 19’ mungbean grow from 56.8-68.7 cm and bears pods that are slightly drooping. The pods turn black upon maturity, 58-60 days from emergence. The pods are clustered above the plant canopy, which makes harvesting easy. It has glossy green medium-sized seeds that weigh 5-5.5 g per 100 seeds. It gives an average seed yield of 1.21 tons/ha during the dry season and 1.27 tons/ha during the dry season. Its carbohydrate content is 66.2%, a good source of carbohydrate for bean thread or sotanghon production. This variety is resistant to powdery mildew and moderately resistant to Cercospora leafspot. It is recommended for both wet and dry season plantings.
Field crop variety
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Plant variety protection
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