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There are two ways of making ‘Lactojam’ (milkjam). The first technique is done by evaporating a 50:50 milk and sugar mixture to 60% of its original amount. Then 50-60% shredded fruits and stabilizer are added to the mix. The mix is heated over low fire, constantly stirred until the mixture is thick enough to spread on bread or cracker. The second technique involves the use of a 50-60% sugar solution or syrup to which 50-60% shredded fruits and stabilizer are added. When it becomes as thick or thicker than 60-65% syrup, 40-50% milk is added. This is also heated on low fire until it becomes as thick as the first jam made using the first technique. Lactojam made with the first technique looks better, but the easier and less expensive way to make Lactojam is by using the second technique.
Dairy technology
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