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AMDP Multi-Crop Pneumatic Seeder With Fertilizer Applicator
This machine is intended for furrowing a prepared field, applying basal fertilizer and planting seeds in one single operation. The furrower (2 rows) and the fertilizer applicator are attached to the machine and mounted on a four-wheel tractor. Using a vacuum-operated pneumatic seeder, it can plant seeds of corn and legumes. It uses an auxiliary single cylinder engine as drive for its blower, and the ground wheel as the drive for the seeder and fertilizer applicator. Its row spacing, seed spacing and fertilizer application rate can be adjusted. It has accessory plates in order to conform to different kinds of seeds which will be planted. A second model is being designed, one using the power take off drive of the tractor to drive the blower rather than an auxiliary engine.
Patent Type:
Utility model
Patent Status:
Public Domain


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