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AMDP Sharp-Crested Manual Weeder
The AMDP sharp-crested manual weeder is an inexpensive and light instrument composed of a steel cutting piece and a wooden handle. This weeder has two versions, the push-type and the pull-type. For the pull-type version, the serrated cutting piece is placed flat on the ground. Handle is then pulled while maintaining the cutting piece flat on the ground with the serrated part cutting through and under weeds. For push-type version, the same position prior to weeding is followed. The implement then would be pushed with serrated part cutting through and under the weeds. Weeding with the use of this implement is most effective for weeds at 2-3 leaf stage or when weeding is done 4-7 days after planting. With the light weight of the implement, it can be made to work as close to the plant as possible. Operated by one person, the weeder has a field capacity of 70-72 man-hr/ha (push-type) and 65-67 man-hr/ha (pull-type). It measures 158 cm in length (push-type) and 147 cm (pull-type) and with a width of 18.6 cm and weight of 1.5 kg.
Patent Type:
Utility model
Patent Status:
Public Domain


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