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Improved UPLB Contained Rapid Composting Technology
This technology consists of two parts, the first being a set of machinery that can convert biodegradable wastes into compost within 5-7 days with the aid of a fungal ascomycete compost activator. The machinery provides the optimum size of materials, temperature, and aeration that facilitate the optimum activity of the fungal activator in synergism with other microorganisms. The high rate of microbial activity converts the biodegradable wastes into organic fertilizer within one week. The second part of this technology consists of the fungal ascomycete activator that is cultured in rice bran and applied at 2% of the total weight of the biodegradale wastes. This fungus has high cellulose and lignin-decaying ability that degrades plant and other organic wastes at a fast rate.
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