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2 Ton Recirculating Dryer
This dryer gives small farmers the opportunity to dry their corn, rice and sorghum harvests as fast as possible to prevent losses in quality. High capacity dryers require being fully filled before drying can start whereas, this dryer can be operated even with a load as low as 1 ton (20 cavans) although this can be scaled up to accommodate higher values. The dryer is a modified Louisiana State University (LSU) design and consists of a bucket elevator with a built-in hopper to load the grains (2 tons) to the drying column. The drying column consists of inverted V ducts that move hot drying air (50-60ºC) to contact with the grains and out of the exhaust ducts. The drying grains, which pass through the dryer is unloaded unto a reversible belt conveyor, then to the hopper of the elevator to recirculate grains back to the dryer until the grains’ moisture content drops from 26% to 14% in 4 hours. This results in an effective drying capacity of 0.5 tons per hour with minimum damage to the grains. The drying air is heated with a kerosene burner that can be also exchanged with biomass furnace to lower the cost of drying.
Patent Type:
Utility model
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Public Domain


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