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AMDP Pneumatic Dryer For Coconut Meat Particulates
This machine uses the principle of pneumatic drying, a new approach for drying small-sized or comminuted products such as coconut meat particulates. Pneumatic drying is characterized by the high velocity of the drying air, high drying air temperature and very short drying time. The wet material is mixed with the stream of heated air and conveyed through the drying duct where high heat and mass transfer rapidly dry the products. The AMDP pneumatic consist of the following parts: centrifugal fan, heater, feeder, duct system and dried product collector. The centrifugal fan’s flow is controlled by the rpm of its shaft. The heater system is a set of 6 spiral-type electric resistance heaters having a maximum heating capacity of 6.81 KW. The feeder, a screw auger, feeds the particulates at a constant rate into the lower part of the dryer. The particulates are carried upward by the flowing hot air stream. In the duct system, the hot air stream causes the particulates to be suspended and ultimately carries and dries them along at the same time. The drying duct, which measures 275 cm in length, is alternately made of stainless steel cylinders having varying sizes. The dried product collector is a cyclone at the discharge end of the dryer. The drying time for a particle size of 1.6 mm subjected to using 105 °C air temperature (43-50 % initial MC to 6% final MC) was about 4 to 5 minutes with specific thermal energy consumption of 7.5 kJ per kg water removed. Electrical energy consumption of the system is 1.9 kWhr/kg.
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Utility model
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Public Domain


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