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Village-Level Ethanol Production System
The village-level ethanol production system is a simple, practical and efficient technology that can offer the rural livelihoods an accessible and dependable source of energy and fuel. The distilling apparatus is portable and easy to assemble with its easy and low cost fabrication from locally available materials. Furthermore, the apparatus can distill fermentation broth (beer) from different feedstocks such as starchy materials (corn, cassava and sakwa), saccharine materials (sugarcane, molasses and fruits) and coconut toddy (tuba). Fuelwood, bagasse, rice hull or any farm by-product can be used as fuel for the distilling apparatus. It can produce 1 L of anhydrous ethanol of 170 proof (85%). The machine measures 1.745 x 1.23 x 2.4 m (LWH). It can be operated by one person.
Alternative energy
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Utility model
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Public Domain


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