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Electrically Heated Hot Water Tank
The hot water tank is used to heat water which would serve as the dip to control anthracnose and stem-end rot– the two major postharvest problems of exporters and domestic sellers of mango and papaya. The tank is sheet metal constructed and is powered by electricity and needs a 4-man crew for normal operations. It consists of a 165 x 75 x 62.5 cm dipping chamber heated by four 6-kW electrical heaters, a thermostat for controlling temperature, and a 0.5 hp pump for water circulation. Using the recommended dipping time, an 8-crate capacity (160 kg) tank can treat 3.8 tons of fruit in an 8-hour period. The shallowness of the tank eliminates problems associated with temperature distribution and ensures enough treatment and avoids overheating the fruits. The small size of the tank promotes on-farm treatment recommended to ensure timely control of the diseases.
Patent Type:
Utility model
Patent Status:
Public Domain


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