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Wax Emulsion for ‘Queen’ Pineapple and ‘Satsuma’ Mandarin
The wax emulsion is a formulated composite wax used for coating ‘Queen’ pineapple and ‘Satsuma’ mandarin. The composite emulsion is oil-based with an emulsifier and a postharvest-approved fungicide. When used as a coating in fresh fruits, it serves as a barrier to the entry and exit of gases to and from the commodity. This results in the modification of gas levels (CO2 /O2) inside the fruit tissues, thereby reducing respiration rate which leads to extended fruit shelf-life. Shelf life of waxed ‘Queen’ pineapple and ‘Satsuma’ mandarin was extended by 10 days and 5 days more, respectively, relative to the unwaxed fruits. The wax emulsion also enhances peel quality (glossy, less shriveled) of mandarin, and alleviates chilling injury in pineapple fruits stored for prolonged period at low temperature.
Postharvest technology
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