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Year Round Production of Potted Flowering Mussaendas
This technology is a year-round production schedule of potted flowering Mussaendas which enables commercial growers to produce flowers in time for the demand season. Pruning stock plants prevents dormancy and makes the stock plants flower. Plants pruned in November when Mussaendas are presumed to be dormant, blossoms in December to January (5 to 9 weeks). Double pruning also increases production of flowering shoots by 55-87%. After the abscission of colorful petaloids, plants will continue to grow as flowering shrubs and thus, maintain their aesthetic value unlike other potted plants whose aesthetic value end after the flowers dry up. Off-season production (September to January) of Mussaendas is now possible since correct timing of pruning could prevent dormancy. Therefore, mother plants can be made to produce shoot tips for stock plants and potted flowering plants.
Agricultural production system
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