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In Vitro conservation of Garlic and Shallot
These in vitro conservation systems for garlic and shallot use the slow technique and G0 bulblets in controlled atmosphere. With the slow growth technique, the growth in vitro of garlic and shallot shoots are significantly controlled using 2-3% mannitol in the shoot multiplication medium. A relatively high percentage suvival rate can be obtained up to 7 months in garlic (83.3%) and up to 5 months in shallot (95.9%) using 2% and 3% mannitol, respectively. Using in vitro (G0) bulblets for conservation, the response is better in garlic than in shallot. G0 bulblets of garlic have been in storage for seven months, both at ordinary (26-31ºC) and air-conditioned (22-28ºC) rooms. Bulblets of garlic stored at 8-10ºC can germinate after two months while those of shallot after two weeks.
Mass propagation technique
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