Ana Margarita Palma

OVCRE Memo MCL No. 21-038: UPLB REPS Development Fund

The UPLB REPS Development Fund (RDF) provides financial support for various REPS development activities, initiatives, and scholarly outputs.

Interested applicants must submit an accomplished RDF form, attach supporting documents, and send their applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


OVCRE Memo MCL No. 21-012 s.2021: Reiteration on the Submission of Protocol Review Form (PRF) for evaluation by the UPLB Institutional Animal Care and Utilization Committee (IACUC)

In support to the Animal Welfare Act of 1998, the UPLB IACUC will continue to help safeguard the welfare of the animal used in scientific procedures. Hence, the submission, evaluation, approval of a protocol review form (PRF) and issuance of the approval letter shall be strictly implemented prior to commencement of all laboratory and field studies for instructional, research, testing, and extension activities of the University.


OVCRE Memo MCL No. 21-036 s.2021: Invitation to attend the SCS Orientation: Be a Career Scientist

All REPS are invited to attend the “SCS Orientation: Be a Career Scientist” on 17 August 2021 at 9:00 AM via Zoom. This activity, to be conducted jointly by the Department of Science and Technology and the Civil Service Commission, aims to increase the number of scientists conferred under the System and to promote and encourage our research personnel to continue a career path in science and apply in the SCS.


OVCRE Memo MCL No. 034 s.2021: Use of the revised IPA forms and reiteration of existing IPA guidelines

All authors who will apply for the International Publication Award (IPA) must use the revised forms (July 2021) starting 01 August 2021. Applications that use the old forms will be returned to the applicants. The forms are available here.

Please check this memo for a reiteration of the IPA guidelines. Additionally, as per OVPAA Memo No. 2021-114 dated 20 August 2021, journal articles published in the SciEnggJ [formerly Philippine Science Letters (PSL) ISSN 2094-2818] are eligible for the IPA as endorsed by the System Publication Committee.

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